What To Expect

Providing a place for people to grow closer to Christ, deeper in faith and committed to service.


Questions & Answers

Q: Where do I enter the church?

A: Enter from East Unaka Avenue and park in the main lot and enter the front steps with the glass doors.  Or, enter the side door under the white awning in the main lot next to the Children’s Building.  You will then enter at the Welcome Center.

Or, continue driving up and around to the right for another entrance next to Broadway with the red awning at the office.  This entrance may also be accessed from Holston Avenue. The entrance may be easier for people with health issues since there are no steps.


Q: Do you have a wheelchair entrance?

A:  Yes, the Broadway entrance with the red awning has no steps – easily accessible for walkers and wheelchairs.


Q: What do you offer for children and babies?

A: We have dedicated, background – checked teachers for each age group with age appropriate facilities and activities for Sunday School and during worship service as needed.  There are no outside entrances opened for safety purposes to protect children and workers.  Also, registration forms will make sure to have contact numbers and health issues recorded for everyone’s safety.


Q:  How should I dress?

A:  We are informal – men do not have to wear suits and ladies do not have to wear dresses or skirts.  Casual shirts for men are fine and ladies may wear pants.

*Since we are a multigenerational fellowship, please be aware that your scents and fragrances of any type may inhibit someone’s ability to breathe easily and freely.