WMU (Women’s Missionary Union)


This is a list of all the hygiene and cleaning supplies collected for our April and May mission efforts for the Johnson City Baptist Center on Hopson Street:

 23 cleaning supplies

7 liquid detergents

3 packages trash bags

12 tubes toothpaste

14 toothbrushes

6 bottles shampoo / conditioner

18 bars soap

3 deodorants

6 miscellaneous items

36 varieties body spray, lotion, body wash

24 rolls toilet paper

Thanks to all who helped to fill 5 boxes of supplies for the Baptist Center!


On June 4, we took the empty liquid detergent bottles we'd been collecting for a homemade liquid detergent project with the residents at the JC Baptist Center on Hopson Street, just past the country club. We had 6 adults and children willing to learn how to make inexpensive laundry detergent.  It was a success and they wanted to make detergent again later in the year!  Thanks to all who contributed the empty detergent bottles that made it so much easier for their storage and use!


 Our Father's Day Offering for the Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes will be this month.  These offering help senior adults and special needs adults in finding residential living they otherwise couldn't afford.   






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