Connect Groups-Sunday AM Classes

As the church gets larger, we believe that it also gets smaller. This shrinking happens through the Connect Groups at our church. When you become a member of a connect group, you build relationships with a small group of other church members who are dealing with similar experiences. You will grow as a group and individually. These groups create a safe environment for you to share and discuss real life issues. Worship is a great time for all of us to gather to celebrate, but the Connect Groups is where fellowship, support, and growth begins.

  Young Adults

    Adults - 35+

 Adults - 60+

College & Career (18 -35)
Michael Huggins





Seekers (Men & Women)
Steve Ladd
Ambassadors  (Men & Women)
Jerry & Mary Lambert
 Good News (Men & Women)
 Janice Williams, Becky Smith
 Faithful Workers (Women)
 Carolyn Hill

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